Have You Had a Chemical Peel?

Your regular skin care products may contain irritating ingredients that may sting. Following the Chemical Peel, use only products that I have given you. In addition, it is recommended that you discontinue the use of all hydroxy acids, tyrosinase inhibitors (bleaching agents), Vitamin C and Vitamin A products (e.g., Retin-A, Renova, Avita, Differin Gel, Tazorac, over-the-counter retinol) for at least 4 days post-peel or until all peeling has stopped.

Do not apply water or wash your face for at least 10 hours, preferably overnight. The afternoon/evening of the chemical peel, your face may feel tight and "pulled." To alleviate this, apply a pea-sized amount (or less) of a 1:1 mixture of the moisturizing product that you have been given and an occlusive lubricant such as plain petroleum jelly. These products will lubricate/protect the skin, preventing further dehydration, thereby adding to your comfort. Apply mixture as needed but always apply before going to bed.

Following the Chemical Peel, the skin must be allowed to re-stabilize. Your skin has been treated to re-establish the protective barrier. If it is still daylight after having the peel, a non-irritating sunblock was applied.

The day after your Chemical Peel, cleanse your face using only mild non-hydroxy cleansers. Two excellent products to use are Vitamin C Cleanser and Borage Leaf Foaming Cleanser, both are formulated to be gentle but excellent at removing debris and makeup. Do not use excessive friction, towels, wash cloths or abrasive scrubs on your face. Continue to apply the moisturizing product/occlusive lubricant mixture at least twice a day or as needed for the next four days, or until peeling has stopped.

During the peeling phase, avoid the urge to pick or pull at skin that is sloughing off beyond the free edge; doing so could cause hyperpigmentation. To minimize flaking, apply the occlusive lubricant mixture several times a day to keep your skin hydrated and "dewy."

Sunscreen must be used daily - there is no exception to this during the healing process. It is preferable that a sunscreen that contains micronized zinc or titanium dioxide be used. Excellent products are Advanced Protection spf 30 (w/micronized zinc) and Retexturizing Face Primer spf 20 (w/Avobenzone). The use of sun protection products with chemical sunscreen ingredients, especially those with high spf, may unnecessarily irritate the skin.

Makeup can be used as tolerated. Use only clean applicators and makeup products.

For at least 4 days following a Chemical Peel or until all peeling has stopped, absolutely no direct sun exposure or excessive heat. Use caution when opening a hot oven, when using hair dryers, curling or flat irons. No use of hot tubs, steam room, or jacuzzi. Do not put your face directly under a hot water spray. Avoid excessive friction when washing. Do not go swimming.

After the peeling has stopped, Microdermabrasion Creme will help to further smooth skin. Apply to wet skin and use light friction for no more than 5 seconds, rinse with cool water. Application of Aloe Azulene Masque is hydrating and soothing.

For 2-3 weeks following a Chemical Peel, refrain from extended outdoor activity. If you must be outdoors, wear sunscreen and a wide brim hat. Visors and ball caps are not sufficient! Avoid reflective glare from being on/in the water or on a boat. Do not do any facial waxing or other facial treatments.

Adverse reactions are uncommon with peeling agents. In the event that you experience excessive irritation, applying an anti-inflammatory to the area, such as over-the-counter 0.5% hydrocortisone (e.g., Aloecort, Cortaid, etc.) will help most reactions subside. If you experience mild to moderate puffiness in the eye area - do not apply ice packs, instead apply cool cloths to the eyes and sleep with the head slightly elevated to aid in the reduction of swelling. Feel free to call me if you experience any problems.